Graphic Standard Guidelines

Does your company have a Graphic Standard Guide that tells others proper usage of your logo, colors, fonts, etc.?

If not, it may be something you want to look into.

Let me ask you this...

When I say "Coca-Cola®", what color do you think of?

Red, right? The question is, what shade of red? You may have heard in conversation of people describing colors as "it's firetruck red", or it's "Coca-Cola red". The truth is, Coca-Cola red is not listed in the Pantone Swatch Book because it's a special mix. But if it was printed in any color other than what it is now, it would jump out like a sore thumb. Colors and fonts are just as important to a company as the name itself. You lose the color or have it printed in a different color, the branding loses all continuity.

Take a quick sidestep to Coca-Cola's® site and watch a minute long video about making the famous red color.

In order to keep these colors consistent, their designers created a Graphic Standard Guide for the company, explaining how the logo can and can't be used, what fonts to use and how, and how the colors should be portrayed in print, online, on screen and even on vehicles. It also explains the proper mixture of CMYK or Hex values. As listed in the image below, it states that there is "no PMS equivalent".

Some companies, such as Tiffany®, have even trademarked their special blend of colors since they are a special mix, Check out a list of 9 companies that have done so HERE.

Millions of other companies like Apple, Volkswagen, McDonalds and even Google and Facebook set these standards into place as well. Some of the companies like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp may only have an online version of their guidelines since they are primarily an online entity.

Graphic Standard guides can range greatly in pages depending on variety of use, and have been used by companies for many years. Apple for example, had 56 pages in their 2013 Graphic Standard Guide, where in 2009 Volkswagen had 221 pages. NASA actually has a copy of their 1976 Graphics Standard Manual on their website!

Even back then, it was 60 pages worth of guidelines to follow, perhaps even more so now with their online presence.

No matter how many pages, you should definitely have one of these for your company.

If you need any help establishing one, give Confluence Graphics a call at 414.962.7000!


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